The Haganman Family - Indianapolis, Indiana

I brought a house that had a pool and I really didn’t want a pool; I thought it was ruined from neglect. Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services saved our pool at minimal cost.       

The Owens Family - Carmel, Indiana

 Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services was very professional they took time to explain things and the owner even made a follow up call. 

The Bubenzers - Giest area, Indianapolis, Indiana


 Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services scheduled date, showed up on that date, and called me when they were finished. Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services has made several major repairs to our pool and spa . They are punctual, professional and very good at communication. Very polite 

Lindsay Family - Bargersville, Indiana

 They are very courteous and responsive to my requests.  They have responded to my service needs in a timely fashion.  I've been very satisfied. 

The Millers - North-side, Indianapolis, Indiana

 Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services arrived on time and completed the requested work promptly & efficiently.  They were professional and extraordinarily nice.  We will definitely use their services again. 


The York Family - Greenwood, Indiana

 Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services replaced a burned out pool light, upgrading us to an LED light with "light show" capability. It cycles through colors automatically. It's pretty slick. Stewart recommended the upgraded light and my family enjoys the special effects 

The Haniford Family - Plainfield, Indiana

 Stewart tried to troubleshoot over the phone free of charge.  My issue needed further investigation so he came onsite.  Provided a couple different options. Stewart is very knowledgeable.  He provided recommendations on other pool/spa items. Stewart called, emailed and texted to communicate schedules.  I plan to use Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services on a known project as well as future maintenance 

The Blysma Family - Greenwood Indiana

 Stewart is  very knowledgeable, and the only person that I have talked to about my pool who actually owns one. My cover is being repaired, the pool is being painted and patched, and I will have my pool cover back and installed in time to enjoy some of the summer.
Bottom line is Stewart saved me a lot of money by taking the time to hear the problems I have been having and provide affordable solutions. Saved enough to buy a robot to clean the bottom of the pool, and I will be changing any further service over to Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services.
Don't waste your time with the others. 

Wolfe Family - East side, Indianapolis Indiana

 The owner ensures the highest quality work in a timely fashion, paying close attention to details.  Talk to this company before you consider anyone else!  

The Green Family - Indianapolis, Indiana

 Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services was on time & reasonably priced. I will use them again. They are courteous & personable. I trust them to help us next time we have an issue w/ our hot tub. They earned my business. 

Mr. John Cooke - Greenwood, Indiana

  Reliable, always on time, knows his job, can be trusted, does not overcharge. 


The Gundy Family - Indianapolis, Indiana

 Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services arranged to come out within 24 hours of my call.  They  removed the old heater (and hauled it away)  and installed the new one.  They explained how to use the new equipment. All areas were left very clean. Very satisfied with the job. 

Hallen Family - Greenwood, Indiana

 My pool was less than a year old and had developed cracks caused by ground water and a contractor that wasn't licensed to build pools.  Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services are miracle workers. They came in and repaired our pool quickly and at a low cost! Thank you 

Parey Family - Avon, Indiana

 We moved to a home with a 25yr old concrete/fiberglass pool. I received estimates of $12,000-$15,000 to have renovations to the pool. I called Stewart . Not only was I thrilled with the outcome, but also the price! 

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“Congratulations! Stewart Dixon ( Veteran Aquatics Consultant and Owner of Stewart Dixon Aquatic Services LLC ).  You're one of the top 10% most connected LinkedIn members worldwide.” 

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